Thursday, April 17, 2014

R.I.P. Athena Baumeister

Yesterday morning, we found out that 16 year old "Little Reaper" actress had passed away the night before. We were deeply saddened by this and wanted to wait a few days before saying anything, as to let the news be spread to her friends and family before posting it here. While we do know the cause of her passing, her family wants to keep it within close family and friends. But there are rumors going around that Athena killed herself, which we will clear up right now is NOT true, whatsoever. Athena was a very happy, bright, talented young girl with her whole future ahead of her, and her passing was completely accidental. That's all we'll say, but we'd like to deeply express out condolences to Athena's friends and family in this hard time.
To learn more about Athena, check out these pages.

And to see some of Athena's acting, check out these videos.

Monday, September 9, 2013

SuperMac18 is BACK!!

SuperMac18 was a very popular youtuber 2009-2011 but mysteriously dropped off of Youtube and the public eye except for the rare tweet every now and then in 2012 after building a fanbase of over 300,000 subscribers and 100 million views. Well, he's back for 2013 and his silence is over. He posted a photo of himself in front of his trademark lights and camera on August 26, captioning it "so this happened" leaving his fans eager.
Well a week ago the eagerness was put to rest once he finally posted this video entitled "He Lives"

Audrey Whitby & Joey Bragg: Officially a Couple

While there has been tons of speculation about the AwesomenessTV star and LIV & Maddie star being an item ever since Whitby and her boyfriend of over a year; actor, Noland Ammon split earlier this year, it was never confirmed-- until Joey's recent post on instagram. The couple have been spending a lot of time together, very close, holding hands with their arms around each other. There has been doubts due to the age difference, but they even got a cat together, and named it Perry Bragg! Audrey has posted multiple times on twitter and Instagram that Joey is her "favorite person" and "favorite guy" there was never any confirmation of the two being a couple. Until a few days ago, Joey posted a photo of him and Audrey, at a romantic restaurant with Bragg's Disney co-star; Dove Cameron and her date; Ryan McCartan, captioning it "Double date time. #AuoeyVSRove #SpecialHugs" even giving themselves a couple name, Auoey. You can view the photo & tweet here:

Sunday, September 8, 2013

IM5 Concert Cut Off!

Saturday evening was a big night for the band IM5, as they headlined a celeb-packede birthday bash for Erika Tacson at the Avalon Hollywood. Celebs attending the bash included ones such as Teala Dunn, Christian Powell, Lindsay Demeola, and many more. We obtained this video uploaded to youtube by Kaleb Nation whom was in the VIP Lounge when the debacle all went down between IM5 and the Avalon Hollywood security guard.
IM5 was schedule to perform last but the event was running late and Avalon threatened to shut it down. When [IM5] went on stage anyway, the venue cut off their microphones and the guard started yelling at fans and IM5′s manager

Sources have confirmed that the concert was running later, but the venue had agreed to let the band finish their performance. But just moments before IM5 was about to sing, the security guard cut their mics and started forcing fans out. Luckily, they saved the day by singing One Direction's "Take Me Home" acapella- without mics or music!

Elizabeth Gillies STUNNING New Photoshoot!

We all know Liz has been known to be a bit outrageous when it comes to photoshoots, including the Snow White photoshoot and another one with crazy makeup all over her face and her holding a flyswatter, but we've got a hold of a new photo from her latest photoshoot that is hard to tell it's even her!
This seems to be Black-Swan-Inspired makeup, with long, fake lashes, a fake beauty mark, her hair slicked back and covered in white, black lines under her eyes, silver eye-shadow, huge earrings, and her entire skin covered in white, making her look almost; fake, or like a ghost. We don't know what this photoshoot was for but it sure is something, we can tell you that.